When/where are meetings?

Meetings are on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM in Cox Science Center room 126.


How do I join, and how much are dues?

First you’ll need to fill out a membership packet (which can be found under “Forms” above). You can either print one off or come to a meeting, where we’ll have them for you! You’ll also need to pay dues, which are $65 for the year or $40 for the semester. That can be paid in cash or a check made out to “cash.” 

2-tank dives (most common) are $35 dollars in cash or check made out to “cash.” Prices are different for camping trips, 4-tank dives, and dives offering Nitrox. 

We offer a $100 4-dive card that’s good for the year (that’s only $25 a dive!)


What’s the policy with 4-Dive cards?

They are non-transferable, non-refundable, and they expire at the end of the school year. Use ‘em before you lose ‘em!


How do I become Open Water certified?

At the first meeting of every semester, our Open Water instructor Charlie Matthews comes and hosts sign-ups for classes. They fill up quickly, but it’s never too late to join -- call Charlie at 305-798-5144 to check availability. You must be a member of the club to sign up for our classes. The class is $220 + $90 for your final Open Water dives + club dues -- you have to be a member of the club to get certified through our instructors! Money can be in cash or a check made out to “Charlie Matthews.” 


What is the refund policy?

Full refunds are offered if you cancel by Thursday at noon. After that, we do not provide refunds. 4-Dive cards are not refundable. Divers that sign up for trips that are canceled because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances will be given a full refund or credit towards another dive.


What happens at meetings besides dive signups?

We occasionally have speakers come in to talk about things like police diving, equipment, freediving, study abroad programs, and dive medicine. We also sell scuba rash guards, stickers, and slap straps. In the past, we’ve hosted dive-themed raffles. 


What if I can’t make a meeting but still want to dive that weekend?

Although some dives fill up fast, you can always email us at umscuba@gmail.com to see if there’s space left. If so, you need to put your money and release form (also found under “Forms” above) in our mailbox (see below) by that Thursday at noon.


Can I sign up for a dive in advance before the meeting?

Nope. This is unfair to members who show up to meetings, and it would skew the system for people who think ahead and email us way in advance. For popular dives, this means they might be filled before the meeting! If you can’t make it, ALWAYS try emailing us at umscuba@gmail.com -- it might mean you’re on the waitlist, but spots often open up. If you get on the dive, you MUST have your money in by Thursday at 5. Please remember that the schedule is subject to change!!


Where is the SCUBA mailbox?

Our mailbox is in Ungar Building, diagonal from Cox. Go to the second floor and turn left when coming from the elevator/stairs into the Marine Science office. The first office on the left (210-A) has all the mailboxes on the back wall.


What’s the procedure on the day of a club dive?

Bring your gear, some water/snacks, and whatever else you need for a day of diving to the scuba “Shed” at the specified meeting time. There we’ll give out gear and organize cars. We usually get back anywhere from 4 to 8, depending on where/when the dive is.


Where is “The Shed”?

The “Shed” isn’t really a shed -- it’s a closet on the right wall of the Wellness center behind the Hecht-Stanford dining hall. Here’s a map


What gear do you provide and what do I need to have?

YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR OWN MASK, FINS, AND SNORKEL. We have everything else -- BCDs, regulators, wetsuits, computers, lights, weights, weight belts, and tanks. We highly recommend you have your own wetsuit though, as our selection can be a little thin when we have a large group going.


What’s the deal with lionfishing?

Lionfish are highly invasive reef fish that are damaging Florida’s reef ecosystem. Beginning in spring 2014, UM SCUBA has begun limited lionfish hunting on select Advanced dives. To become a member of the lionfishing crew, you must be proficient in the use of a pole spear and be certified by an officer before you can spear on club dives.  


What if I can’t make the dive or it gets cancelled?

If a dive is cancelled due to weather or other reasons, you’ll get a full refund (or credit on your dive card). If you cancel before Thursday at noon, we’ll give you a full refund/credit. If you cancel AFTER Thursday, we can’t refund you -- basically, at that point we’ll be paying for your spot on the boat anyway. 


What does the Advanced Open Water course involve?

There is no lecture component, only 5 required “adventure dives” to depths below 60 feet, night dives, wrecks, etc. (although your instructor will do certain activities and have discussions on the new dives).

Club dives can count as one of the 5 as long as your instructor is on the boat as well.

The cost of the course is $220 plus boat fees and club dues.


What other certifications can I get?

Lots! In the past, club members have gotten their Rescue, Nitrox, Cavern, and Divemaster certifications, with many more possibilities. Talk to our instructors or an officer at any meeting to see how you can further your dive training. Additionally, we now offer health service certifications such as First Aid and CPR.


Can I spearfish, lobster, or collect organisms for my aquarium?

No. Any intentional or unintentional harming or removal of marine life is prohibited with the exception of club-approved lionfish spearing.


Is Nitrox offered on dives?

Nitrox is required for all advanced dives.