Full Cave Diver

Little River Springs Cave by former Scuba Club President Harris Moore

By this point you have learned most of the cave diving skills necessary to safely execute cave dives and gained experience conducting intro level dives. You have most likely been down the main line in a few systems and passed by many side tunnels you wish to explore. This class teaches you the skills and planning necessary to conduct these dives.

This course sums up all of your prior cave diving skills and expands upon your knowledge by teaching cave navigation to teach you how to safely make jumps, circuits, and traverses. 

As a Full Cave Diver you are prepared to explore all areas of the cave including those off the main line. After considerable experience as a cave diver, you are then able to attend other specialty cave diver courses such as diver propulsion vehicle (DPV).

If you are interested in take this course, contact Patrick Kiel for more information or to schedule a course.