Our officers have set schedules when members can rent and return gear. Please let the officer know you are coming in advance.

REID YENOR (646) 670-7188 : Monday 3:30pm
CONRAD CASENTE (650) 839-3847 : Wednesday 11am
ALANA CAROLAN (908) 448-9046 : Friday 6:30pm

YOU NEED YOUR OWN MASK, FINS, AND SNORKEL. If you don’t know where to go to buy these things, just email the club or talk to any officer!

Club equipment may be used only by active (dues paid) Club members in good standing. Certified members are allowed to rent out any equipment for personal dives with permission by the Equipment Managers/other officers. You are responsible for any equipment checked out! If you are interested in purchasing your own equipment (highly recommended) the Club can refer you to area dive shops.

The club provides: 

  • Regulators

  • BCDs

  • Weights & weight belts

  • Dive computers

  • Safety sausages

  • Wetsuits & hoods (NO dive booties or gloves, sorry!)- Wetsuits are limited and not guaranteed for any club dives

Some things to remember:


  2. If you want to rent out gear on your own, you need to return your gear by the Monday following the dive (or make arrangements with the equipment officers.) This is extremely important, because we have a limited supply of gear and need it for the next weekend. Gear rentals are NOT guaranteed - our first priority is to provide for weekend club dives!

  3. You must check out the gear yourself, unless you’re in a class and your instructor has permission. 

  4. All equipment needs to be rinsed with freshwater, inside and out in the case of BCDs and wetsuits.

  5. To make arrangements to rent gear, You can fill out gear request form below.

  6. .If you can’t make it to the shed at the specific meeting time for a club dive, make arrangements prior to the trip with an officer to get gear.

  7. There is no guarantee of having enough weight, weight belts, or computers for everyone on the dive ... in addition, if you get to the shed late you might get a wetsuit that doesn’t fit very well! It’s highly recommended you have your own wetsuit.

  8. Equipment used on a club dive needs to be returned immediately after the dive. Equipment used on personal dives needs to be returned by the Monday following the dive (or make arrangements with the equipment officers).

  9. Tanks must be returned with at least 500psi in them. Returning them with anything lower than this could result in a fine.

  10. Any member who loses or damages gear will be expected to pay for the replacement/repair fee.

Gear Request Form