Intro to Cave Diver

Former Scuba Club President Harris Moore exploring Devil’s Cave System in High Springs, FL.

The Intro to Cave Diving course is the next step after completing Cavern Diver and gaining some experience in the overhead environment. This class allows you to explore beyond surface light penetration and into true caves. At this level, you are limited by the gas you are diving with and must stick to the main line within the cave.

In this class, you will expand upon your cave diving skills by learning how to deal with more emergencies including lights out drills, air sharing drills, lost buddy and lost line drills. You will then practice a combination of the drills to further perfect these skills. 

Upon successful completion of this course, you may dive caves utilizing a single continuous guideline and a maximum of 1/6 of the volume of gas in your cylinders. There is plenty of cave and many systems one can explore with these limitations and you should take your time exploring caves at this level before progressing to the next. 

f you are interested in take this course, contact Patrick Kiel for more information or to schedule a course.