Nitrox, or enriched air, is a gas mixture trained divers can use to extend their no-decompression limit on recreational dives. Nitrox mixtures contain a fraction of oxygen greater than the 21% naturally present in atmospheric air, reducing the amount of nitrogen your tissues accumulate when breathing the gas under pressure. Nitrox is one of the most popular specialty courses and is required for all ADVANCED club dives. All advanced training organized through the club includes training with nitrox. If you are previously Advanced Open Water diver and do not have nitrox, please contact us to arrange training.

Why do we require nitrox for all advanced club dives? The dives our advanced divers want to go on are typically repetitive deep (100ft+) dives, and utilizing nitrox allows us to complete these dives with 1) more bottom time to enjoy the dive, and 2) less theoretical risk of decompression sickness than if we attempted the same dive profiles on air. 

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course consists of classroom training only. While a dive with the instructor is recommended, it is not required. In class you will learn about managing oxygen exposure, analyzing the oxygen content of your cylinder, setting your dive computer for nitrox, and properly planning a nitrox dive. 

Upcoming classes

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